How to remove fungus in lens

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Let me save you some trouble: you can't remove fungus with standard lens cleaning solution. Alcohol, lighter fluid, and ethanol (e.g. Vodka). Learn How to Clean and Avoid Camera Lens Fungus. Attila Kun. It's a safe bet that most of you never heard of lens fungus, but it's a reality that you have to deal . Inexpensive vintage lenses have many potential uses and are easy to find for sale on websites like Ebay and Craigslist, and from film.

Fungus isn't an issue most of us have to deal with when using modern glass. It comes pretty well sealed, and it's usually not old enough to let. UV light will kill the fungus, so all you need to do is let the lens be exposed to sunlight for a few days. Be sure to remove any UV filter you might. Fear of spreading the fungus can prevent some owners from attempting to remove it from their camera lens, but as long as the glass has not been permanently.

Ever buy a used lens and discovered some unwanted organics inside? from a Lens. How to Remove Fungus from a Lens (by Mathieu Stern). Removing Fungus From the Inside of a Lens: I was sent an Industar 11n mm large format lens from the Ukraine on a trade deal. It was disclosed that it had. Camera lens fungus is a photography problem that you may not know well, but depending on the climate in your location, your camera may.