How to factor with perfect cubes

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Demonstrates how to use the formulas for sums and differences of cubes. Shows how to recognize which formula to use. To factor the difference of two perfect cubes, remember this rule: the difference of two perfect cubes equals the difference of their cube roots multiplied by the. The rule for factoring the sum of two perfect cubes is almost the same as the rule for factoring the difference between perfect cubes. You just have to change two.

In Algebra 1, you worked with factoring the differenceof two perfect squares. a2 - b2 = (a - b)(a to factoring both the differenceand the sumof two perfect cubes. A perfect cube is a number that can be written as a^3. When factoring a perfect cube, you would get a * a * a, where “a” is the base. In this lesson, you will learn how to factor sums and differences of perfect cube binomials. You will learn to use the formula that gives you the.

Perfect Cubes. Back to Factoring. The following is a list of perfect squares. 12 = 1 22 = 4 32 = 9 42 = 16 52 = 25 62 = 36 72 = 49 82 = 64 92 = 81 =