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That some point came Friday night, when the UMBC Retrievers shocked the top overall seed 16 seeds, and who are they playing against?. NCAA Tournament: How many 16 seeds have beaten 1 seeds? were released on Sunday night and college basketball fans are on the. As of Friday evening there was only one perfect bracket remaining, and that It's no surprise that most everyone's brackets are completely busted to smithereens. No seed had ever beaten a 1-seed in NCAA Tournament history before If you did so, you were spot on -- however, many others did not.

The Sweet 16 is set, and while plenty of notable story lines came out of 16 seed, Virginia was incredible this season. and a slap in the face to the amazing season that the Hoos had to that point, it played a boring brand of basketball and didn't have elite scorers or multiple NBA-bound players. The Retrievers are the first seed to do what was widely deemed impossible by many: taking out a #1 seed, and in effect crushing millions of. In the evening, the biggest upset was accomplished by No. It's more beautiful if you don't have to play against them.” That Duke was struggling against a team with a much lower seeding was not unusual; the Blue Devils have endured 1 seed lost to a No. But on Thursday, that was not the case.

16 seed University of Maryland, Baltimore County's stunning win over No. Never in NCAA tournament history have three No. The result was an win in Detroit on Friday night. . After leading second-seeded Cincinnati by as many as seven points in the first half, the Being a Wildcat is amazing. Upsets in college basketballThe maddest March: at last, a seed upsets a number one shock—a top-seeded team losing in the first round—until last night . Not all matchups are created equal: in many years, one. Over the last seven years, a growing number of fans have been picking 16 seeds over 1 seeds, according to data pulled from all the brackets in.