Ar 15 how many mags for ar-15

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ProMag AR/M16 Magazine/ NATO 42 Rounds Polymer Black C Products Defense AR Magazine 10 Rounds SOCOM Polymer F Amend2 Mod-2 AR 10 Round Magazine Remington/ NATO An. I own atleast 50 ar15 mags but that's mainly because I don't like going into a gun store and not buy anything. I didn't buy any during the scare. 20 Round AR15 Mags- $15, 30 Round AK47 - $19, apps47inc, For Sale, 0, How many can you reasonably carry loaded?.

The STANAG magazine is designed to fit any rifle designed to take it and the x45mm round it contains. There are many non-AR/M rifles that can use. I recently purchased a larger gun safe and would like to hear what people consider SHTF adequate for stored loaded rifle (AR) magazines. Most ARtype rifles are sold with a round magazine, but it is possible to purchase after-market magazines with as many as rounds.

Once you have your shiny new AR (or two or three or), it's time to take it out and shoot it. While your rifle may have come with a magazine. “Why does any American need one of these ARs? What possible protection can that kind of thing offer them? It's a military rifle,” said former. Ok like the title many magazines is enough? I think I have 10 some people have At what number do you think."ok I am good" I.