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I won't mention the latest terror attack. If you bring it up, I'll say it's sick, awful, depraved. Is that enough? Or should I say I condemn it “as a. What I'm really thinking: the same-sex IVF couple. The other couples avoid eye contact. I can see their curiosity fizzing – how on earth did two women get fertility . Women are often reprimanded for being complicated creatures, but the truth is that men can be just as guilty of sending mixed signals to the.

One night I was having a small pity party over something I no longer remember, and I told Hubs he didn't seem to love me as much as he used. If you want to really piss off the person you are paying to listen to you, be chronically late, cancel Here are 5 things your therapist is thinking, but does not tell you. Here's what your doctors would tell you if they weren't worried about time, What Your Doctor's Really Thinking (But Won't Say to Your Face).

How do you get someone to reveal their innermost secrets? Or get a child to tell you what's really bothering them, or a friend to spill the beans. When politicians act in secret and then claim massive public support for what they tried to conceal, it is a sure sign they know the original.