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Whether you're lining a room with paneling or hanging it outdoors as an exterior wall Alternately, you may use casing nails, which are typically used for trim. Panel board nails, sometimes referred to as panel pins or paneling nails, are thin, gauge nails used to attach panel board to the wood furring or studs. Because of their neater appearance, finishing nails are used mostly for interior paneling and cabinetwork. A box nail is similar to a common nail but has a.

Nails are used in a variety of materials for projects such as masonry and The paneling nail is colored to match the type of paneling that you want to put up. Grip-Rite panel board nail is used to attach panel board to wood furring or studs. The ring shank gives greater holding power in soft or medium. The bigger the nail, the heavier your hammer should be. Most hammering injuries occur when a large hammer is used for a small nail or vice-versa. No matter.

All paneling may be put up with nails or with a combination of panel adhesive and Furring can also be used to make imperfectly framed walls even and flat. Adding paneling to a wall can be a unique design choice for your interior. Thin panels will require backing, so these should not be used unless it is over Nails should extend one inch into the studs through the furring strips for a good hold. Get the lowdown on the 11 most common types of nails. (one inch or less). They are used in making frames, attaching plywood paneling, and in cabinetwork .