How to make a viewfinder

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Simple Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a Viewfinder to Use When Composing a Painting. You can buy various adjustable and window viewfinders, but you can easily make your own as well. Your pastel composition will thank you. When you use a . Learn how to make a viewfinder the easy way and see some good tips on how to use it.

Making a Viewfinder High School Drawing, 2d Art, Elements And Principles, Teaching Art. Visit How to Make a Viewfinder for Painting Composition Class. Artist viewfinders are a handy tool use to create better compositions. This article talks about how to make and use a viewfinder. Quick Tips: How to make a viewfinder. Whether you are sketching in the countryside or are looking at a still life in class it is often hard to know.

Get a good look at your DSLR viewfinder without breaking the bank. Learn how you can improve your outdoor shots by creating your own DIY.