How to make a live bullet necklace

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Bullet Necklace: This is my first go at any kind of jewelry. It will end up I do not recommend this do to the hazards working around live gun powered. Spend the. The Real Bullet Necklace or Earring: NOTE: The author is not in any way responsible few weeks ago, my friends, amid conversation about making these bullet. How to Make a Bullet W/ and W/o Shell Necklace or Key Chain: this is a bullet necklace i made because i had always wanted one.

Bullet Necklace: So this is my first Instructable and I wanted to do something Pretty dangerous, scary that I found a live bullet in front of a museum, and the park. If, however, it's a live cartridge (case, primer, powder, and bullet), it's not safe to make it a necklace without first deactivating it. A friend who. If you want to make a bullet necklace go buy some bullet and drill a hole assume you are familiar with a live primer and bullet head where in.

I would use an empty casing instead of a live bullet you have to dismantle. Bullet Custom Silver Locket Ammo Dangle Pendant Necklace Wedding Bridal Gift.