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26.08.2018 - Shop - by - 0 Comments

I have noticed in the mod installation guides to go to the corresponding operating system folder to edit file; however, there is only. Install Guide for Starbound Mods; How to install mods; Way 1 linux bit: linux64; OS X: and open the folder If the mod doesn't file but has folder with the name of the. Mac. (The following assumes Starbound was installed from Steam). Open Terminal There are two ways to get to this folder: Open Steam.

make sure diamondoptika.como files are in their own folder within the game mod so it should look like this starbound\mod\Name of mod\ files go here. Anyone know how to unpack Assets on a Mac? I wanna make some custom clothes/weapons and I can't seem to do it. I've tried dragging the. This version requires you to get a separate race extender for Starbound If you don't the Aryan race won't show up. Goes in \Starbound\mods.

If you're using Mac, read Step 1c. If you have any bugs/issues/crashes about Starbound ModLoader, please contact me as soon as possible.