How to double space text in excel

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Change the spacing of text inside cells in Excel or Excel Double- click the cell you want to modify, select all of the text in it, and press Ctrl+X. Double-space all lines or just selected text in a document. You can do this in 2 steps - 1. Vertically distribute contents of the cell: Select the cells that you want to adjust. - Right-click any selected cell, and then click.

Alfred wonders if there is a way to increase spacing between characters in a cell. He is not talking about spacing between cells, but between. Just wondered if there was a way to double space wrapped text in a cell. in Word, then doing Paste special, keep sourc formatting in Excel. I want to be able to include seperate paragraphs in an Excel cell. I.e. Blah Blah You may have to format the cell to "wrap text." Cheers, Dean.

Im not very good at vba's or scripting and I was curious to know if their are keystrokes that I can do to double space the rows. For example, If I. Excel Problem: My manager wants me to add a blank row after every row of the data. i have a very large worksheet and it is single spaced, i would like to make it double it double spaced, is there a way to do that other than inserting an empty Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP Change text to a single characters. Excel Tip #10 - Change a Single Spaced Sheet into a Double One way of spacing this out is by adding numbers to the right or left side of the.