How to blend images in photoshop touch

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Layers in PS Touch are much more streamlined than in desktop Photoshop. Flatten Image merges all the layers into a single layer, Merge Down merges with . Using layer blend modes in Photoshop Touch: Creating Photo Composites So far, all of the images we've been working with have been shot with an iPhone. Here are some Photoshop Touch tutorials to view as well as download as a PDF. To Start: How to create a Smooth Image Blend. Combine.

Learn to combine images, master blend modes, work with layer masks, and more , in apps such as Juxtaposer, Image Blender, and Adobe Photoshop Touch. Introduction to Photoshop Touch's Blend Modes. Adobe Photoshop Touch - Part 3. Image Editing for Tablets - Combining Layers. To blend the layers you click the Layer icon and you get a choice of blend modes There are limits to Photoshop Touch and one is the x pixel image.