How much dry spaghetti for 40 people

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10 pounds of dry spaghetti; 8 quarts of meat sauce and 4 quarts of Provide a ladle and let your guests top their plate of spaghetti with as much sauce as they. Spaghetti (40 - 50 servings), Main Dishes, Pasta, Sauces. Spaghetti for people 2 TBS each; Italian seasoning, dried basil and oregano . Using Jelly Beans - 9 recipes · Thank You: thanks so much for answering. help us out. We are having 40 (or more!) people to dinner and want to serve spaghetti. Sooo how do we make that much spaghetti? I know.

If you have a gram package of dried spaghetti, and you want to serve 1 pound to 4 people, you will have some left over, but not much -- a. Aug 11, Spaghetti for a crowd of 50 people is best cooked ahead of time by parboiling and The secret to keeping spaghetti warm without sticking is to not overcook or dry out the pasta and to use a small amount of oil. Many group meal ideas .. Baked Ziti for people (this does not include any meat in this. Anyone with experience in feeding a large group of people? My wife needs to make a pasta dish for her company picnic. How many 16oz (1lb).

If you have left over spaghetti after all 40 eat then you know that you have enough. How much dry spaghetti should be used to feed 30 people?. It would take approximately 10 pounds of dry pasta to feed 40 people as a main while a pound of dry spaghetti or linguine produces 7 cups of cooked noodles. How Much Pasta To Cook Per Person Calculator This calculator will calculate the amount of dry pasta you will need per Calculate This! # of People. This food quantity chart lets you know how much food to purchase for This food quantity chart represents approximate amounts of food you should purchase when you are cooking for a crowd of 50 people. Pasta, as side dish, spaghetti, macaroni, noodles, 16 oz. pkgs. Whole, cleaned, 40 lbs uncooked, app. 3 ozs.