What is camisole for

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A camisole is a sleeveless undergarment for women, normally extending to the waist. The camisole is usually made of satin, nylon, or cotton. The camisole is a women's wardrobe staple, used for everything from lounge wear to business attire. Often confused with the tank top, the camisole is a feminine, flattering touch that suits women of many shapes and sizes. The camisole top is a fashion workhorse, working as both an. The camisole, or cami as your mom might call it, is a versatile and essential part of any woman's wardrobe. The thin straps and simple design.

There is a vast difference between camisoles, a spaghetti top & a tank top. Camisole - Camisole is usually worn as an inner wear, underneath sheer tops or . Camisole definition, a short garment worn underneath a sheer bodice to conceal the underwear. See more. Have you been confused between a camisole, spaghetti and a tank top? Well, here's a guide to help you understand the difference. Steal some.

Camisole definition is - a short negligee jacket for women. With the arrival of hot sweaty weather, camisoles are your saving grace. Here are the best 18 camisoles for women for dressy nights out. camisole definition: 1. a light piece of women's underwear for the top half of the body, with thin straps that go over the shoulders 2. a piece of women's. Camisole definition: A camisole is a short piece of clothing that women wear on the top half of their bodies | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and.