How to proofread a word document

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You can customize how Word proofreads your documents by setting the desired proofreading options before you work on your document. You don't have to give up the essential task of editing, though, with your company's computer documents. Instead, take advantage of Microsoft Word's on- screen. Second, you need to sit quietly, without distractions, and actually read through the whole document slowly, looking for mistakes that Word's tools can't always cat.

But to proofread well, you need to repress the urge to skip, skim and hope for the best; it's time to knuckle down and process every word, writes Cathy Relf (who. Besides checking for spelling or grammatical mistakes, Word can also proofread your document to highlight other possible problems, such as misplaced. Taking advantage of Microsoft Word's proofing and editing options can help you the proper spelling of words throughout the entire document.

Learn how to change Microsoft Word settings to improve spelling and to ensure that your spell check is appropriate for your document and. Rather than switching the font color in Word to create a digital "red pen" when proofreading someone's work, use the Track Changes and commenting systems. To locate Spell Check in Microsoft Word , click on the Review tab, then click the When you are done editing and proofreading your document, as well as.