How to make papel picados

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Those colorful, festive cut paper banners you see on Day of the Dead altars and at Mexican celebrations are papel picado. Traditionally, these pieces of Mexican folk art were chiseled by hand (say whaaaat?!) from stacks of tissue paper, using designs that varied based on the. Follow simple step by step video instructions. Download easy DIY templates on how to make papel picado banners for Dia de los Muertos or. Papel Picado is a traditional Mexican craft that features colorful paper sheets with You can easily make your own Papel Picado by layering sheets of tissue.

Buy How to Make Papel Picado Free Printable Papel Picado Patterns, Party Supplies | How to make your own DIY papel picado for parties or fiestas at home!. PAPEL PICADO +Toma una hoja de papel y dóblala por sus ejes +Haz trazos, utilizando la simetría de los dobleces +Recorta los trazos con tijeras o cutter. Today I'm sharing with you how to make Papel Picados but be sure to visit me over at My Very Educated Mother where we'll be sharing more.

Now that you have all this tissue paper, don't let it go to waste: use it to make a papel picado banner to decorate your home to celebrate Dia de.