Computer dims when plugged in

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Check your power settings. Right click on an empty spot on you desktop, click on screen saver, click on change power settings, change the plan. Screen dims when plugged in and bright when on battery! when the computer is starting Press F2 and check in the battery health for the. Recently the computer is doing something very odd. When I plug the computer into the charger, the screen dims. When I unplug it on go on.

when the AC Adapter is PLUGGED IN, the screen will be DIM (Even ago with the screen not waking up along with the rest of the computer. The computer is designed to do that when it's unplugged. You can change the behavior if you don't like it. This link should have everything you. I just recently bought a G labtop and I am encountering a problem with the screen brightness issue. Every time I plug in my computer to.

A dim laptop LCD can make it hard to see and get your work done, costing your business precious time and Why Would My Computer Screen Go Black? Verify that the outlet is live by plugging in a different device, such as a lamp or radio. I have a Toshiba Satellite Asx. It has just started dimming the screen when the power plug is in. Once it is unplugged, the screen. By default, all computer laptops will dim their display when running on battery allowing you to use your laptop longer when it's not plugged in.