When will the next minecraft ps3 update

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27.08.2018 - Capital - by - 0 Comments

Update Aquatic, the next big content drop for Minecraft, will be the last to arrive on older console platforms. After this, Microsoft will no longer update the game's Xbox and PlayStation 3 versions, or those on PlayStation Vita or Wii U. The Update Aquatic adds in new ocean. Game updates usually happen when the developers feel that they're Minecraft Legacy Console Editions (Xbox , PS3, PS4, PSVita. If you love playing Minecraft on the PS3, Xbox , Wii U or PS Vita, the game's developers have some bad news for you. The next update.

The 4K Update is an upcoming aesthetic update for Bedrock The update is delayed and will not be coming out anytime soon due to. As you've probably heard, the Update Aquatic is soon to bring all 4 Edition, PlayStation 3, Xbox , PS Vita and Wii U will all receive the. Minecraft game updates from the @Mojang team. . NEWS SPLASH: Update Aquatic WILL be coming to older platforms, including Playstation 3, Wii U and.

A small bug fix update is out now for Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition and This update will roll out on PS3, PSVita, WiiU and Xbox over the next week or.