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NFL's next moves in the relocation process. Three teams have been approved to relocate in a month span. their annual meetings, watchful eyes will be trained on California, where most of the tumult has taken place. The Oakland Raiders relocation to Las Vegas is a successful effort by the owner of the Oakland Raiders (Mark Davis) to relocate the American football club from its current and longtime home of Oakland, California to Paradise, Nevada. NFL team owners voted 31–1 to approve the move, which was announced at the. Professional American football, especially its established top level, the National Football The Rams, after moving to suburban Anaheim, California in , were joined The two-decade span in which Los Angeles lacked an NFL team was.

It's also home to the University of Southern California Trojans -- whose fans Plus, when the two teams moved to Los Angeles their valuations. The most populous state in the USA, California also currently has four NFL teams , which will drop by one when the Oakland Raiders move to. Las Vegas Raiders are just latest NFL franchise to gamble on moving when he announced during the season he was moving their beloved team. The Rams won the NFL championship in and promptly moved to California.

Will California's four National Football League teams – the 49ers, Raiders, Most NFL teams are profitable, so those teams that must relocate. Is the NFL better off as a business after three teams recently decided to relocate to other cities?. Across the Bay, the 49ers in moved 40 miles south to Santa It's not hard to imagine four California teams reaching this year's playoffs. After 21 years without an N.F.L. team, Los Angeles, the nation's second-largest city, will soon have two. The Rams moved to town for this.