What key to tune a dulcimer

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There are many ways you can tune a dulcimer, but currently the most Those pairs of strings are tuned exactly the same note, to cause a harmonizing effect. Note the number of strings. Dulcimers can have anywhere from 3 to 12 strings, but the vast majority have three, four, or five strings. The tuning process is fairly. So in DAD tuning, the relationship between the open strings of the dulcimer in turn define the resultant 7-note tone. Modes can be major or.

However, the key to making incredible sounds with a dulcimer is often related to dulcimer tuning. The better you tune your dulcimer, the more surreal it begins to. There are three concepts to consider when tuning a fretted dulcimer: modes, keys , and tunings. Dulcimer players sometimes say, "I am in the Mixolydian tuning,". Are you totally lost as to how to tune your dulcimer strings to begin Next click on the key marked "A3" and tune your middle string to that.

Place the dulcimer in your lap. The dulcimer's tuning keys should be on your left. At the bottom of the fretboard (closest to you) should be the. For the dulcimer it means that when you play the melody in a certain key, for example ā€œDā€, the other strings are tuned to some of the notes in the ā€œDā€ chord. Most dulcimer players play in D with the dulcimer tuned DAD or DADD shapes will not change they will just be transposed into a higher key.