What is xml space

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SVG supports the built-in XML attribute xml:space to handle whitespace characters inside text elements. The xml:space="preserve" attribute is common in some XML documents. But what the attribute means is obscured by the fact that it is often. XML Parsing: The XML spec provides a built-in attribute xml:space to tell the XML parser whether it should ignore the whitespace characters. This attribute is.

I think you could use an actual space or tab directly in XML document, but if you are looking for special characters to represent them so that text. The xml:space attribute is an XML-defined attribute that declares the significant white-space processing behavior within an object element. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) XML specification normalizes different line-ending conventions to a single convention but preserves all other white.

The xml:space Attribute The special attribute xml:space indicates that whitespace should be preserved as specified in element content. Example. Understanding how white space works in XML documents can help keep you out of trouble when you're working with a variety of XML technologies. In this essay. xml version="" encoding="UTF-8"?> space elements="country. All white-space, including linebreaks (Mac CR, Win CR/LF, Unix LF), TAB characters, and normal spaces, even between 'structural' elements where no text can.