What is the census 2010

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Learn about all the decennials from to present. Find key population stats, data, questionnaires, maps, mapping files, technical documents, news and more. A dataset is the assembled result of one data collection operation (for example, the Census) as a whole or in major subsets ( Census Summary File 1) . The United States Census is the twenty-third and most recent United States national census. National Census Day, the reference day used for the census.

The Census will enumerate the resident population of the United States as of April 1, The census will include everyone living in the. The Census is part of the Decennial Census program mandated by the US Constitution. The decennial census is used for apportioning. The Census Summary File 2 data for Washington state was release February Summary File 2 provides detailed demographic information from the.

The US Census Bureau has begun the release of detailed Census population totals and demographic characteristics for the District of Columbia. This data. Census is the most recent decennial census, which generates population counts by age, sex, race/ethnicity, for people living in households and group. According to the census of the United States, the country had a population of more than million people—an increase of almost 10 percent from Census Demographic Profile DP-1 Charting the Changes · Census Demographic County Population by Race and Hispanic Origin: and .