What is the 6661 mean

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Zacky Vengeance uses the number in his online clothing line: Vengeance But the significance is that means that the devil (the part) won (1). Zacky created the logo he has on his guitar. has a double meaning according to Zacky. The first being its the reverse of the year the. P lol, the on his guitar is actually flipped, coincidentally the year A7X started, nothing to do with him being a devil worshipper.

does anyone know what the "" on zacky vengeance's (avenged sevenfold) guitar mean? i never really cared but i buddy of mine were. Angel Number - What is the spiritual message of Angel Number Learn the meaning of Angel Number Labels: , , angel numbers 6's and 1's, meaning of angel number , meaning of repeating 6 and 1, repeating 6 and 1.

Zacky V. is most famous for his Vengeance University clothing and accessories line and his guitar which would usually have a , which is actually with . According to Zacky Vengeance and an army of fans, the is a flipped , the year the band was created. More Information Available On Schecter's “Zacky Vengeance ” Guitar. May 3 , As well as the it also means the devil won. You may ask, What does it mean. Why ? Well, actually, has a double meaning according to Zacky. The first being it's the reverse of the year the band.