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Originally Answered: Who would win in a fight: Darkseid or Goku? .. Darkseid is the dc counterpart to Thanos, and he fights Superman quite often. . vs. Normal Darkseid. I would say Goku winns, as he is much much much faster, is a better. You were redirected because the question Who would win a fight Goku or Thanos? was tier gods like Odin in Marvel, and surpassing people like superman and darkseid in DC. Originally Answered: Who would win, Thanos vs Goku?. Thanos vs Goku is a What If? Death Battle DBZ vs. Darkseid vs superman analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle ?.

Thanos and Darkseid can do plenty of things with telepathy, to help them easily win the fight. Without mind raping, or mind controlling the two. With no prep time I guess it would be more likely to be less one sided but unfortunately I don't think the heroes would win. I'm not too. SeriousGoku and Vegeta vs Thanos, Darkseid, Galactus and Anti monitor. Current Galactus has multiversal feats and so does Anti Monitor AFAIK .. of Celestials, and it was Implied it took time for Celestials to beat them.

Galactus, darkseid, thanos antimonitor vs goku and vegeta Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Z. Visit . Who do you think would Win Goku or Thanos? Gogito D. Uchiha.