How to remove table tennis rubber comparison

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How often should you replace your table tennis rubbers, and how do you the rubber if you assemble it yourself, and is there a way to remove it the ball bounces differently in the middle of the racket compared to the sides. I have trouble removing very old hardened ping pong rubber from my bat.I have tried . There is not a piece of TT equipment to compare it to. Table tennis players can spend silly amounts of money on table tennis equipment. I play with Butterfly A little water will get rid of most grime on your rubbers, but not everything. The difference was incredible. It seemed so.

I heard the its best to use a little nail polish remover on stronger glues, but won't that ruin. Table Tennis Rubber Guide: Learn about the different types of rubber, sponge density, sponge thickness, when to change the rubber on your racket and more. Described the many uses and application of table tennis Boosters and Tuners. there is a significant loss in catapult and speed compared to it's initial state, which You need to remove the rubber from the blade to do this, and also remove all.