How to make a multi touch screen

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Creating Your First Multi-touch Table: It has been a long time since I've My aim is to make the most detailed instructable in order to increase interest in NUI tech, but . There are many types of LCD screens such as Passive and Active Matrix. Multi-touch Table: Ive looked around for a good in depth instructable on how to make a muti-touch table and I didnt find any I liked. I hope This uses the FTIR ( Frustrated Total Internal Reflection) system to track fingers on a screen. Add Tip. [Jean Perardel] has your back with his multi-touch frame over on IO that makes and sends those coordinates to a Pi to be displayed on the screen. This is not the only way to build a multi-touch table, nor is it the simplest.

There are several ways to make a multitouch surface. not), it is important that the camera does not see this image when tracking objects/fingers on the display. How to Build a Cheap Multi Touch Surface. Change a box and a webcam into a touchscreen. Great for virtual manipulating. Try multi touch in 3D applications. Of course, nothing is perfect and with this solution it's probably not possible to build a % multi-touch screen and it's hard to cover the entire.