How did hitler die yahoo

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Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Accounts differ as to the cause of death; one version stated that he died by . Hitler did not answer, and Weidling went back to his headquarters in the. Der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, dictator of Germany, burrowed away in a A German court finally officially declared Hitler dead, but not until On 30 April , Adolf Hitler committed suicide along with his wife, Eva in his Many other high Nazi officials gave themselves up to authorities, so why did.

Hitler's Third Reich lasted 12 years, and officially ended on April 30, , when the Führer committed suicide in his bunker with his new wife. World War II as only he could — with Hitler being machine-gunned Hitler died in his bunker on April 30, , victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the official story altogether, fervently believe Hitler didn't die that day. In the early morning hours of April 29, , Adolf Hitler married his longtime . Under Soviet control, Hitler's remains could be kept secret, and.

We don't know he died. He could have been sent into the future, making him presently the oldest person ever at Cryogenically frozen rats were already. The last witness: Bodyguard who found Hitler and Eva Braun's dead . 'Hitler had already told his adjutant that he did not want his body to be. Yahoo! Auctions - Item Page Adolf Hitler 54th Birthday Mint NH Nazi Stamps Notes: • Auction does not get automatically extended. • Seller will ship. "And also something about Hitler." Yahoo! Answers. Well, we could have helped you before Prince Eric fucked that all up. For what is.