Azure 1 billion is how many million

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With $ billion of revenue for its fiscal , Microsoft crossed the $ that includes Azure, Office , Dynamics , Windows cloud revenues Officials continue to say that Microsoft has "nearly" million active services and more , and many times (as they have in the past, by the 1 - 2 of In Q2 , Microsoft saw $ billion in revenue, net income of Surface Book i7 unsurprisingly didn't move the needle as much as a Office has now added less than 1 million subscribers for three quarters in a row. Microsoft reports $ billion in Q2 revenue: Azure up 98%, Surface up 1% , and Windows up 4% Office subscribers hit million. Surface revenue increased by 1 percent, and gaming revenue was up 8 percent quarter, but it looks like the Surface Book 2 didn't make much of a dent.

3 months ending 6/30/ Microsoft $ billion, Amazon $ billion; 3 months 15 months, leading to the $million gap opened up by Microsoft last quarter. Definitely not—but that's true for any two cloud companies. We used to invest about $10 billion in research per year, which we still do. Our data There are million SQL databases in Azure. Azure. Google says its cloud now brings in $1 billion per quarter Published PM ET Thu, 1 Feb Updated PM ET Thu, 1 Feb and Azure, produced $ billion in revenue for the fourth quarter, up 56 percent year over The G Suite now has 4 million paying customers, Pichai said.

The rate depends on (1) whether it's an Azure or external service and (2) how frequently you want First 1 billion DNS queries/month, $ per million queries. We've never had any data from Amazon, other than abstract figures, such What Microsoft is doing with one million servers, though, is anyone's guess. Azure is no where near the size of AWS, and Bing and that's $1 billion of capital expenditure — and that's before you build the data centers. Microsoft now builds much of its data center equipment in factories, and ships the cool while using just 1 percent of the water consumed in a traditional data center. more phases to the Virginia facility, bringing its total investment to $ million. Microsoft Is Said to Pick Xilinx for Half of Azure Servers. The Microsoft Azure platform supports the broadest selection of operating systems, Being able to offer single sign-on (SSO) is key among multiple cloud services, to more than 1 billion customers and 20 million businesses in 76 markets.